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The Pioneer-Burdekin Hydro Plant means jobs for locals and cheaper, reliable power. Show your Support

The Palaszczuk Government is planning to build the world’s biggest pumped hydro project right here in the Mackay region.

It means an abundance of cheap and secure energy for our growing city, for generations to come.

And it means thousands of jobs for locals and a future for our kids.

Whether it’s electricians and technicians, suppliers of building materials, builders or engineers: so many businesses here in Mackay have the opportunity to benefit from this $12 billion investment in our region.

As your local member I want to secure a vibrant future for Mackay – where locals can build careers, find jobs, and enjoy a great, affordable lifestyle here in our region.

And I want to make sure critical infrastructure jobs go to proud regional communities like ours. 

It’s about keeping our electricity infrastructure in the hands of the community.

And it’s about bringing nation-building infrastructure to the Mackay region.

Unfortunately, the LNP have been trashing this project for months now, and have made it clear that they don’t support this project.

But we can’t trust them with our power assets – last time they were in Government they tried to sell them off.

We can’t risk the LNP selling off our pumped hydro, driving power prices through the roof.

That’s why I’m asking for your support as this critical project moves through the feasibility and planning stages.

Will you support pumped hydro and cheap, reliable energy for Mackay? SIgn the petition below.

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Support the Pioneer Burdekin Pumped Hydro

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